Leon’s At The Beach: Carrying Forward a Legacy in Ocean City

In the heart of Ocean City, Maryland, a new chapter unfolds in the storied tradition of Leon’s. “Leon’s At The Beach,” inspired by the rich heritage of Leon’s Back Room in Baltimore, is more than just a dining destination—it’s a celebration of history, community, and culinary excellence.

A Journey Through Time Leon’s Back Room in Baltimore has long stood as a beacon of inclusivity and diversity. Originating in the 1890s as Georgia’s Tap Room, it evolved through the decades, witnessing the Prohibition era as a speakeasy and later becoming a hub for beatniks and artists. Since 1957, it has proudly served as Baltimore’s oldest continuously operating gay bar, a testament to resilience and acceptance. “Leon’s At The Beach” is born from this remarkable legacy, embracing the same spirit of openness and unity.

A Taste of Tradition and Innovation Our menu is a blend of traditional favorites and innovative creations. We’ve brought the heart of Baltimore to the beach, offering an array of dishes that range from our signature Baltimore-style steamed shrimp and succulent Porterhouse steaks to our locally acclaimed burgers and fresh seafood. Each dish is a tribute to our roots and a nod to our future.

An Ambiance of Rustic Elegance “Leon’s At The Beach” mirrors the old pub feel of its Baltimore counterpart with high tin ceilings, handmade wooden booths, and a large wooden bar adorned with an impressive selection of drinks. The stained glass and classic woodwork pay homage to our history while creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that’s uniquely Ocean City.

A Commitment to Inclusivity and Community Our core values of inclusivity and diversity, inherited from Leon’s in Baltimore, are the foundation of our establishment. We believe in creating a welcoming space where everyone feels at home, whether you’re a local, a vacationer, or a new resident in Ocean City.

Your Ocean City Haven Situated in the heart of uptown, with easy access off Coastal Highway and ample free parking, “Leon’s At The Beach” is an oasis of culinary delight and cultural richness. It’s not just a place to eat; it’s a destination to experience the enduring charm of Leon’s legacy, right here in Ocean City, Maryland.

Join us at “Leon’s At The Beach” – where history, community, and exceptional dining converge by the beautiful shores of Ocean City.


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