Finger Food

Crab Balls...14

Mussels or Little Neck Clams GF...14

Fried Pickles ...8.5

Rockfish Bites ...14

With Sweet Chili Aioli

Fried Mushrooms...9

Crab Dip GF...16

Jumbo Shrimp GF 1/2lb 13.5 / 1lb 25

Chicken Tenders...13
Home-style or Buffalo


Stuffed Portobello Mediterranean...11
*Vegan only upon request

Jumbo Wings GF Mild, Hot, Chesapeake, Chef’s Choice

8pc 13.50 / 16pc 24

Duck Fat Fries GF...7.5
Dusted With Shredded Parm and Parsley

Sweet Potato Fries GF Grab Bag 5.5 / Basket 11

Board Walk Fries GF Grab Bag 3.5 / Basket 8

Bay Fries GF Grab Bag 4 / Basket 8.5
Southwest Fries GF Chili, Cheddar, Jalapeños, Banana Peppers

Grab Bag 5.5 / Basket 11

“Pride is for everyone.”

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