Welcome to Leon's at the beach

Welcome to “Leon’s At The Beach,” a culinary gem where the rich history of Baltimore’s iconic Leon’s merges seamlessly with the laid-back allure of Ocean City, Maryland. Situated just moments away from the soothing waves and sandy shores, our restaurant is more than just a dining destination; it’s a vibrant celebration of Maryland’s unique culture and culinary traditions. Every dish on our menu tells a captivating story, blending the rustic charm of the seaside with the urban sophistication of Baltimore.

As you step into Leon’s At The Beach, you’re greeted by an atmosphere that’s both welcoming and eclectic, perfectly capturing the essence of two distinct worlds. Whether you’re in the mood for our signature Maryland-style seafood, planning a cozy family meal, or looking forward to a romantic dinner with a view of the ocean, we promise an experience that’s as unforgettable as it is delicious. Join us on this delightful culinary journey, where each meal is not just food but a piece of history, crafted with love and served with pride.

Monday 3 – 11
Tuesday closed
Wednesday through Sunday 3 – 12



Welcome to the official blog of “Leon’s At The Beach,” where we bring you the latest news, captivating stories, and exciting events from our beloved restaurant.
A vibrant window into the world of Leon’s, showcasing everything from behind-the-scenes, stories and news  to updates on upcoming events and special occasions. Here, we celebrate not only our mouthwatering cuisine but also the rich tapestry of tales that make our restaurant more than just a place to eat.

Soft Opening Jan 1st

Join Us on January 1st for our soft opening!

A Haven for All

Celebrating Diversity, One Plate at a Time

Crafting Culinary Magic

We are thrilled to announce the creation of our new menu, a labor of love [...]

The Yellow Brick Road

Our journey across the bridge. Bmore to OCMD

The Original

Our journey across the bridge. Bmore to OCMD

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