The Yellow Brick Road

The Story of Leon’s: From Baltimore’s Iconic Bar to Ocean City’s Culinary Gem
A Tale of Tradition, Transformation, and Triumph
In the heart of Baltimore, a bar named Leon’s has stood the test of time, evolving from a humble establishment into a symbol of resilience, inclusivity, and community. This is the story of how Leon’s, Baltimore’s oldest continuously operating gay bar, extended its legacy to the sunny shores of Ocean City, Maryland, with “Leon’s At The Beach.”

The Origins: A Baltimore Staple
Leon’s journey began in the 1890s as Georgia’s Tap Room. Amid the changing tides of society and politics, it transformed into a speakeasy during Prohibition, then into a hub for artists and beatniks post-WWII. In the 1930s, it adopted the name Leon’s, after its owner, Leon Lampe. However, its most defining moment was in 1957 when it openly embraced its identity as a gay bar, becoming a sanctuary for the LGBTQ+ community in an era of widespread discrimination.

A Symbol of Unity and Acceptance
At Leon’s, patrons found more than just a place to unwind. They found a haven where they could be themselves, away from the judgmental gaze of society. The famous phrase to enter, “Are you a friend of Dorothy?” was not just a password but a symbol of acceptance. This phrase, a reference to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, represented a safe language for those often marginalized.

The Expansion: Embracing Ocean City
The spirit of Leon’s, imbued with history and acceptance, eventually found its way to Ocean City, Maryland, in the form of “Leon’s At The Beach.” This expansion was not just about bringing a successful business model to a new location; it was about extending a legacy. Leon’s At The Beach blends the rustic charm of a beachside setting with the rich, diverse culture of its Baltimore predecessor.

More Than Just a Restaurant
At Leon’s At The Beach, guests find a menu that is a blend of traditional favorites and innovative creations. The restaurant reflects the old pub feel of the original Leon’s, with its high tin ceilings and old wooden booths, yet it also carries the freshness of the ocean with its seafood specials and beachy vibe.

Celebrating Diversity and Community
Leon’s expansion to Ocean City is more than a business venture; it’s a continuation of a story that began over a century ago. A story of overcoming adversity, celebrating diversity, and bringing people together. “Leon’s At The Beach” isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a place where every guest is part of a larger, ongoing narrative.

As “Leon’s At The Beach” grows and evolves, it carries forward the spirit of its Baltimore origin – a spirit of unity, acceptance, and unyielding resilience. It stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Leon’s, a legacy that now delights guests by the sandy shores of Ocean City.